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modem troubles with RedHat 7.3

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modem troubles with RedHat 7.3

I am installing the red hat 7.3 on my HP pavilion xt155 notebok. It has an internal Conexant 56k Aclink modem.
Based on the linux modem how-to document, I downloaded the hsf driver from the Conexant website and installed it on my notebook.
Then, I pppd the modem. There is no response. The syslog showed that the PCI modem was found but there is no hardware support and the port openning failed. Does anyone know what is the problem? How to solve it?


Re: modem troubles with RedHat 7.3

is it detected at hsf . confirum it by using command at shell lspci and scanpci
also psl post from wher eu downlaoded teh driver..
i had been using lots of winmodes in linux...its nice to make them work after a hard work..
u dont need to do any thing with pppd its a ppp deamon
u need to do with KPPP (available in KDE)
its teh best way to config ur modem
if u r an expertn then use configuration files /etc/wvdial.conf ...i dont recomend it to u

using KPPP u can also query ur modem to see wether its working fine or not

ur mode will be /dev/ttyHSF0 or /ttyHSF some thing u will be told by driver after instalation by which name and which directory is for ur modem
so use /dev/modem which is logical link(shortcut ) to ur orignal modem /dev/ttyHSF..or wt ever
as when u install driver it tell u that it had made a link to /dev/modem so use that one in KPPP and then query modem and see the results of AT command
good luck if u still have any prob related to hcf,hsf,rockwell,conexant,intelambient,lucent modem in linux feel free to ask at farhan12@msn.com