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for downloading mp3's is it best to get broadband or dsl?
I am using 56.It took me a full hour to download an album.I thought mp downloading from shared files in these free music downloads were fast even for 56 dialup.



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Michael Lampi
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Re: mp3

It depends.

DSL throughput tends to be independent of the activities of your neighbors. It can also be more secure, and obtaining a fixed IP address is much more commonly supported by the ISP. You typically are free to do what you want with your connection, with the exceptions of spamming people, etc.

DSL speeds are dependent on your distance from the telephone central office. DSL also tends to be slightly to dramatically higher in cost compared with cable modems.

Cable modem throughput depends directly on the activities of your neighbors. You can snoop (supposedly not permitted/allowed by most cable modem ISPs) on the packets from your neighbors - and they on yours. Obtaining a fixed IP address is typically not available, and cable modem ISPs are creating all sorts of other restrictions on what you may or may not use your connection for.

Cable modem speeds are typically independent of your distance from a central office.

Generally, you get what you pay for.

I have both cable modem and DSL, and prefer DSL even though it is 40% more expensive.
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