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mst cisco hp interoperatibility

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mst cisco hp interoperatibility

Hi all
I have a test enviroment with cisco et hp switch
using mstp as spanning-tree with two instance 1 and 2. It is working but there are some troubles.

We have declared all vlan in all switches.
but on each hp switch we declared the uplink ports as tagged only for the vlans that are really used on the switch uses.
Is this rigth?

wee did not map vlan1 on any instances is this right. VLan 1 is not neither tagged nor untagged in the uplink ports. is this rigth?

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Re: mst cisco hp interoperatibility


could you paste the STP related config of the Cisco and the Procurve switches?


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Olaf Borowski
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Re: mst cisco hp interoperatibility

3 important parameters that need to match:

1. MST instance name
2. MST instance revision number
3. MST to VLAN mapping (hash).

The first 2 are simple and obvious although spelling matters. Name: Instance1 is not equal to: instance1.

If you get the first 2 right, the 3rd one sometimes gets you. If instance 1 has VLAN 1-10 and instance 2 has VLAN 11-20 in it, they need to be the same on all switches. If one of the switches has VLAN 1-10 in instance 1 and VLAN 11-19 in instance 2, you have a problem even if name and revision number are the same. Remember, the switches are only sending out one untagged BPDU with all the above information in it (VLAN to instance mapping is a hash value). You can use "show commands" on all the switches to compare the hash values. On ProCurve switches, you don't even have to declare all the VLANs up front. If you have for example only VLAN 1 and VLAN 2 configured on the switch, you can still map instance 1 to VLAN 1-10 and instance 2 to VLAN 11-20 (without the VLANs existing on the switch).
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Re: mst cisco hp interoperatibility

I have the seme revision name and vlan mapping everywhere.
My concern is about vlan 1. Historically there are all sort of problem with this vlan. Also i have noticed that there is alway traffic in the uplink port of all switches about 1% off 100Mbytes.
I read un article about cisco & hp interoperatibility and a part of it reads:

"It is critical that the configuration of the HP switch exactly
configuring the HP switch, the network administrator sho
for the trunk (typically VLAN 1) on the Cisco switch. Whe
port on the HP switch, the native VLAN for that trunk sho
and all other VLANs should be configured as tagged".

wath do you think?

have a nice day
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Re: mst cisco hp interoperatibility


I think I will answer my self

When connecting a cisco switch to a hp switch in an stp environement
the stp comunication is posible if lik ports, of both side(cisco trunk; hp tagged), are configured in the same native vlan