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multiple VLANs assigned to a server port

Dana Burd
Occasional Contributor

multiple VLANs assigned to a server port

Yes this subject has been raised before - many times. But Dell's PowerConnect switches seem to contradict what so many have said is not possible, that one server/workstation can communicate with multiple VLANs using a non 802.1Q compliant NIC nor operating system - using an *untagged* port on their switch.

For any given interface on a Dell 33xx: "General mode allows the administrator to configure multiple VLANs that can be either tagged or untagged; this is useful for nodes that must communicate on more than one VLAN." whole 6 page PDF here:

does this not contradict what I have read so many times in this forum and HP documentation? (HP allows multiple VLANs on a tagged port, for communications with an 802.1Q compliant switch, router or NIC.) Maybe this is a Dell only 'feature'? It seems that this 'feature', while not part of 802.1Q rfc, is what many companies want.
Stuart Teo
Trusted Contributor

Re: multiple VLANs assigned to a server port

AFAIK, HP switches allows any port to be untagged for up to 1 VLAN and tagged for any number of VLAN. This, I'm sure.

Also, from reading page 2 where you extracted the statement, the paragraph did not explicity state that mutiple untagged VLAN's possible on a port.

But don't take it from someone who has never touched a Dell switch. ;)
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