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multiple default route ina 2824

alfonso guerendiain
Occasional Visitor

multiple default route ina 2824

i have a 2824 procurve that manages diferent subnets. its goes ok.
but the question is : there is any way can i have multiple desfault route to internet.
if i have two adls connected to the switch, if i have a lost carrier from one, can i pass all the traffic automatically to the other. Something like load balancing ?
thanks alfonso
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: multiple default route ina 2824

Unfortunately you can't do this with the 2800 series.

With the 7000dl routers you can have 2x ADSL ports and achieve this type of thing.
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: multiple default route ina 2824

Matt is probably right. I'm not familiar with HP stuff (I'm a CCNP and not an HPCNP or whatever the equivalent is.) but HP uses a lot of the cisco IOS so you might try putting in two default routes and see what happens.

ip route nexthop1
ip router nexthop2

I'm assuming you have turned on ip routing on this switch. On a cisco it would alternate between these two until the subnet that one was on went down then it would use the remaining one.

Again on a cisco you can specify a metric like 200 after the nexthop2 in order to make it prefer the nexthop1 route as long as it is up but the manual doesn't talk about it so it probably won't work but it won't hurt to try:
ip router nexthop2 200