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multiple hp 2524 vlan

multiple hp 2524 vlan

I have 3 switches hp2524 with gigabit modules TX connected through switch hp2708. I want to have on 3 switches 3vlan 1,2,3. 1 port on main switch (one of them hp2524) must have link (ping) with all ports of the three switches but the vlans 1,2,3 in the switches must not comunicate to each other. So the internet port must comunicate to all of them.

I have tried this with one switch with port-isolation and it's okay but how to do it with multiple switches.
I have one card 3com905b-TX (I don't know if it's a 802.1q compliant) for the internet router.

Does anybody know hwo to that

Jeff Brownell
Valued Contributor

Re: multiple hp 2524 vlan

look into managment vlans. have mgt vlan on one port of each vlan (and consequentially each switch according to your description) to allow managment to switch but vlan isolation to all other ports...