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multiple vlans on link between HP2524 and Cisco6009 with msfc2

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multiple vlans on link between HP2524 and Cisco6009 with msfc2

I saw a similar problem, but the resolution doesn't apply to my situation.

I have a collapsed backbone in a Cisco 6009. I have an HP2524 connected. The port on the cisco is assigned to vlan 100. Everything works.

Now I must add another vlan, 99. I create a cisco trunk (they use the term to mean "a link combining multiple vlans" which is different from an HP trunk. HP trunk = cisco "port aggregation") I create the cisco trunk as follows: set trunk 3/26 on dot1q

show trunk indicates 3/26 is trunking, native vlan = 100.

On the HP 2524, I have defined the additional vlan and made an explicit definition for vlan 100. Previously, there was only the default vlan.

For the uplink port (hp port 1), I have assigned vlan 100 untagged, vlan 99 tagged. I have tried leaving the default vlan alone and changing the default vlan to 100 on the HP.

I've changed the HP 2524 IP configuration, assigning an appropriate address for the vlan 100 interface.

I've actually tried a bunch of different combinations. I see traffic on the ports on both the HP and Cisco, but I can not telnet or ping the HP from the cisco side after adding these vlans. Only if there is just the default_vlan can I communicate via IP.

(By the way - the Cisco 6009 is the router, so it handles traffic among different vlans without assistance from an external router)

Anybody done this?

Ron Kinner
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Re: multiple vlans on link between HP2524 and Cisco6009 with msfc2

Haven't played with an hp2524 but I have worked with Cisco switches.

Do you have it set to use VTP transparent mode or does the hp understand VTP? hp seems to use a lot of cisco stuff with their name on it so you have to be careful. IF it understand VTP then they had better be in the same vtp domains.

On a Cisco trunk I was under the impression that all vlans are tagged except the default vlan which is always vlan 1 so I expect you will need to tag 100 on the HP side too.

Did you assign an IP address in the appropriate subnet to each vlan on the router card?


Has a pretty detailed explanation of the whole process.


Arimo Laine_2
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Re: multiple vlans on link between HP2524 and Cisco6009 with msfc2


For starters, make sure you're running current firmware F.05.09. After the FW update, go to switch command prompt and type in the following sequence:

con t [ENTER]
int all [ENTER]
no lacp [ENTER]
write mem [ENTER]

This is to disable LACP, which can cause problems if it's enabled but not used.

Leave the Default VLAN on 2524 as it is, it's not a good idea to change that, rather create additional VLANs as needed.

Now let's say you want to use ports 23 and 24 as trunk. Then configure a trunk to these ports, I'd advise to use FEC as trunk mode as that is Cisco protocol. Configure the trunk to be a TAGGED member in every VLAN that needs to communicate over it.

Make sure that you have the same speed/duplex configuration on the trunk on both sides of the link, i.e. either both sides on Autonegotiating mode or both sides on fixed speed/duplex.

Should work.

I don't advise on Cisco configuration any further, since I don't have any info whatsoever on Cisco devices. What Cisco calls dot1q refers most likely to IEEE 802.1Q... which means VLAN tagging. So you don't find dot1q as a term in HP switch, you find Tagged ports.