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nc326m not allowed VLAN(802.1Q)


nc326m not allowed VLAN(802.1Q)

I have two BL460C G1 blades in a C7000 enclosure.

The enclosure and the blades have all had their firmware updated to the lastest, as well as the HP NCU and drivers for the nc326m NICs.

On one blade, I can configure both nc326m NICs with the VLAN(802.1Q) options.

On the second blade, I can only configure one of the nc326m NICs with the VLAN(802.1Q) option.

Both blades are running Server 2008 r2. Both are running Hyper-V and failover clustering.

I do not understand why I can only configure VLANs on one port of the nc326m on one of my blades, and would greatly appreciate any help in resolving this or simple recommendations.

Thank you sincerely,