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need help with a jetdirect ex plus system

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need help with a jetdirect ex plus system

We are using a computer with win 98 as a print server. We have a hp 5000 pluged into a jetdirect ex plus so that we can network the printer. We also have a HP 1050c ploter with a jetdirect card in it. Here is my probly everything works really good. But i have to give my 98 computer an IP address so it can see the two printers. So I can not figure out how to get the computer go get on the internet eather... for updates. Also we just got a new computer with xp on it because we are going to try to up grade all of them if we can get this one working. Well the xp can see every one of the other computers but the print server. I know one of my problems might be that the ip address one both computers do not match. The xp has an ip address of 192.168.1. ... the win98 computer has an ip address of 196.87.120. ... and so does the jetdirect boxes. The Hp5000 and Hp1050c have an ip adress of 196.87.120. ... I want to know how to change the address on the two printers. And if anyone else knows how i can get on the internet with the 98 box. I have all the computers here pluged into a dsl router that is all so pluged into a hub. I was thinking it might be that i have netbeui turned on. I am asking for any kind of help i can get... thank you robert
Ernest Ford
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Re: need help with a jetdirect ex plus system

For starters - all of the computers on your network need to be running the same protocol if they are going to communicate with one another - it can be Netbeui, IPX/SPX, DLC, appletalk or TCP/IP it really doesn't matter as long as they all use it. Since you seem to be in a Windows world and you want internet access, I would recommend TCP/IP.

You're going to need to make sure that all the ip addresses are in the same subnet - and these will either have to be assigned manually or if you have a DHCP server on the LAN they can be assigned automatically - most DSL routers have a DHCP server option.

The ip addresses you mention are a little unusual - the 192.168.x.x is a "private" class c address available for use by anyone, but the 196.87.120.x is a public subnet - you need to find out who chose that subnet and why, before changing the address of any device, to avoid causing problems for other internet users.

IF you LAN is not going to be connected to the internet you can use any ip subnet you choose, but I would recommend sticking with RFC1918 "private" subnets to avoid future problems when the need arises to have an internet connection. This may be the cause of your problem, if your use of the 196.87.120.x subnet does not have official sanction

Most HP equipment with an MIO slot have a control panel that allows you to configure the JetDirect cards, and ALL JetDirect devices, both internal and external, ship with a CD that includes management software that will let you change the addresses of the devices on a properly configured network.
Ron Kinner
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Re: need help with a jetdirect ex plus system


Your DSL router is using DHCP to give your XP an address. You need to go into your 98 and change it to get an IP address Automatically. It must also get the DNS server address Automatically. Once you do that it will be able to get on the Internet (assuming you have the 98 plugged into the DSL router or into a hub/switch which is plugged into the DSL router).


A lot of the DSL routers will split the address range into two section. The router itself will be and addresses from to 192.168.1.x where x is around 90 will be reserved for static addressing. Higher numbers up to 254 will be used for DHCP. Some may do this backwards and other may require you to make changes to the router configuration to use static addresses so check your DSL Router manual. (Or post its model number here and I can probably tell you.)

You probably want to set the Jetdirect to a static address as it makes it easier to find. Choose one in the range allowed by your DSL router. I assume it reserves the lower numbers for static so let's use with mask of and default gateway the same as the DSL Router's address which I assume is Since you set the IP address originally I assume you know how to do that.

Remember you will have to remove your current network printer on the 98 and reinstall it with the new IP address and also add the network printer to the XP.