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need router config recommendation

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need router config recommendation

Financial crisis seems to have arrived at our company. Unfortunately money for all projects have been cut. We do have a new (old) building. Well, some old buildings will be left and that new building will include soon include all those people. About 300 users, each of them will get 2 network ports, so at least 600 ports + meeting rooms, three switching rooms. Some weeks ago, I would have suggest two Procurve 5412zl and one 5206zl. But the bosses decided to get a cheap solution. Fortunately they seem to be Pro-HP. So what to get?
Cheap is bad, but hey those are the bosses.

Just for your information we´re doing 802.1X with PEAP + MS-CHAPv2 plus voip (without PoE)
So for the switching, let´s take the following:

house connection (basement): 1x 3500yl
Switching room 1 (left house side): 1x 3500yl with 24 ports + 12 Procurve 1400
Switching room 2 (right house side): 1x 3500yl with 24 ports + 12 Procurve 1400
Switching room 3 (third floor): 1x 3500yl with 24 ports + 5 Procurve 1400

The 3 3500yl are connected to the one within the house connection wan room. So two cables LACPed together that go to the other 3500yls.

Well, I take the 1400 because they are level 2 switches. Each of them will be connected with one Cat5E cable to one of the ports of the 3500yl. (Luckily they can do multiple user authentication per port)

There´s no redundancy, except we will buy one or two additional 3500yl and some 1400 for backup cases.

Any opinions about this configuration?
Money is low, but do you have any other recommendations?