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netelligent 3124

Occasional Visitor

netelligent 3124


i'm trying to connect to the netelligent 3124 hub via hyper terminal.
When I establish a connection und remove the power cable and turn it right back on, then i can see the initialization process of the hub.
At a certain point the initialization stops and i can't do anything.
This problem occurs at every 3124 i tried.

Here are my Preferences from Hyper Terminal:
COM1 (there's only COM1)
Bits/s: 9600
Databits: 8
Parity: 1
Stoppbits: 1
Flussteuerung: Hardware (don't know Translation of Flussteuerung)

But i also tried lotsa other preferences.

Can anybody help me with my problem?

Thank you
Eric Cornwell
Occasional Advisor

Re: netelligent 3124

Try setting the "flussteuerung" to none. I'm pretty sure it means flow control. I had the same problem and the same setting and changing the flow control to none fixed it. Just make sure you are disconnected before you change it then reconnect (in hyperterminal) otherwise the settings won't take affect.

Hope that helps.
Occasional Visitor

Re: netelligent 3124

Thank you,

But that doesn't help.
It's still the same:
The Hub initializes and then the following message appears:

All Rights reserved
Version 1.20
CCC$CCx?? and so on

It doesn't matter which keys i press. Nothing happens!
Perhaps the reason for this is a damaged cable. But the Initialization is displayed without an error.
I've tried it with three different 3124 Hubs. Everyone of them shows this problem.
Guido Ruhnau

Re: netelligent 3124

try to type in "vt100" the first 10 seconds after booting
Steven Koutstaal
Occasional Visitor

Re: netelligent 3124

hi there,

I think you have the wrong parity setting.
Usual, (I assume this is the same) You would have 8-N-1 setting. 8 databits, No parity, 1 stopbit. Flow control off..

besides that, drop teraterm, and get someting real, like Secure CRT or Teraterm (free).

Germans seem to prefer ZOC.. ;)

Steven Koutstaal
Occasional Visitor

Re: netelligent 3124

sorry, I meant 'drop hyperterm' instead of 'drop teraterm' ;)