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network adice

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network adice

Not a network guru so please hang in there.

I have pfsense setup as a bridge (no vlans and only 2 ports) thats connected to a ProCurve Switch 3400cl-24G (J4905A) to port 24.

on ports 1 and 2 i have ESXi with a public facing IP so i can access the Host
Server has 2xon-board and 1xqaud intel. the quad nic is for iSCSI traffic only (

For storage i run OpenFiler it has 4 ip address for each nic. It doesn't have anyway connecting to the internet again its

From the ESXi each VM gets a 2nd nic if they need access to the network...

So my question is... Is there a better way to do this? Should i configure the switch for vlans?

current config...

Running configuration:

; J4905A Configuration Editor; Created on release #M.10.76

hostname "sw01.xdnetworks.net"
snmp-server contact "jeremy"
time timezone -8
interface 24
speed-duplex 100-full
ip default-gateway
snmp-server community "apppppplejacks" Unrestricted
snmp-server host "public"
vlan 1
untagged 1-24
ip address
vlan 10
name "10network"
password manager
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Re: network adice

Just to add...

Ports 1 and 2 for public access to VMs and host

9 - 12 ESXi iSCSI traffic
13 - 16 OpenFiler traffic

24 uplink to pfsense