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networking 4050N

Susan Weiss_1
Occasional Contributor

networking 4050N

I have HP 4050N. I purchased a hub and assumed that I just needed to connect the printer to the hub. When I connect the printer to the hub, the hub does not recognize the the printer and likewise the printer does not recognize the hub connection. Is there anything else I need to do.
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: networking 4050N


This depends a lot on the hub, whether it can recognize the cable. So I'd say get a new straight cable and a new cross-over cable and test if either one of these work.


Re: networking 4050N

Dear Susan,

The best thing you can do is start from your Cat 5 cable. We have one here at work and havent got any problems with it. We have a Direct Jet print server connected to the printer, and the print server connects to our switch via normal Cat 5 cable.

You should double check your cable is not a corss over one, in which case will cause problems, and also check that you have connected the utp cable to the "uplink" port of your hub.

Once thats done, its a good idea to grab the HP Webjet program to help you configure and support your new printer, here is the url:〈=English%20%28US%29

Lastly, if all fails, Im assuming you have a internal network card in the printer, so connect the printer to a pc via the LPT port and run the web jet program to see if you can get more information on the printer's internal network card.

Good luck !
Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: networking 4050N

Have you tried another port on the hub? Often they have one port which is an uplink port (sometimes with a switch which says something like MDIX). This port is to be used to connect to another hub tho the switch lets you use it for a printer or pc.

You normally need a straight cable to connect a printer to a hub tho you cna use a crossover cable with the hub has an uplink port. To check the cable to see what it is hold the two RJ45 ends up so that they are both in the same direction and you can see the wire colors. A straight cable has the exact same colors on both connectors. A crossover cable has the orange and green mixed up.

Once you get the link light then
explains how to configure the network.


Until you get a link light nothing is going to happen.