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masood azmi
Occasional Visitor


i have cable modem and just installed motorola vt2442 to have VONAGE ph service.
ph wokrs great but can not access internet.
i have connected network adapter to the the router using RJ45 cable and router is connected to the cable modem.when try to enable the network connection: error msg "connection faild". if i connect the pc directly to the cable modem using USB cable it wokrs.is this a known issue? any suggestions?
compter:presario sr1110nx,winxp
NIC : realtek RTL8139/810
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: networking.

I'm pretty sure this is a forum for discussing HP ProCurve kit :) Is your router an HP product?

If things work when the PC is connected directly to the modem rather than when connected to the router which is then connected to the modem, it suggests your PC is configured to talk PPPoE (IIRC) directly to the ISP over the modem.

When you want to use the router, you have to configure the router to do the PPPoE stuff, and your pc to be a simple PC getting its IP address etc from the router via DHCP.

That should all be explained in the manual(s) for the router.
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