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new vlan to mstp config

new vlan to mstp config


I got 30 vlans on our network, I got 2 spanning-tree instances. We got total 30 switches (2626, 2810, 2900 and two 5406 as core routers). One 5406 is root of intsance 1 and the other root of instance 2.

How could I easiest add a new vlan to instance 1 now ? Do I need to buy Procurve Manager?

Best Regards, Magnus
Best Regards, Magnus
Jarret Workman
Frequent Advisor

Re: new vlan to mstp config

Hi Magnus,

I am not sure of an easy way to modify the MSTP configurations on the switches other than manually changing on each unit.

My concern is that the configuration digest for each of the switches needs to match in order for the instances to work as expected within the same spanning-tree domains. The configuration digest is comprised of the configuration name, the configuration number, and the vlans associated.

I am not 100% sure, but my concern is the configuration digest might change once you add the new vlan to instance 1.

If the configuration digest does change, then I believe it would be necessary to turn spanning-tree off on a switch, add the vlan to instance 1, and then re-enable spanning-tree.
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: new vlan to mstp config

hi Magnus
as for me you need PCM+ for easy config.
because PCM+ capable of group config all switchs one command

futhermore PCM+ have advenced monitoring ,fault dedection,auto update ,network map etc. very much good speciality.

as for me you can use PCM+ for network managemet