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no arp command crash 5400zl K13.25

Raphaël Jésupret
Occasional Contributor

no arp command crash 5400zl K13.25

The command no arp (or whatever) rises router's CPU to 98% and don't end.
The routing continue to work but I can log into the router only on the console. I've reproduct the problem on another 5400. Is the problem known ? Is there a workaround to get back the CPU to a normal level ? (I don't want to reload my router because some people rely on it :)
I think this command is not completely coded :(
Valued Contributor

Re: no arp command crash 5400zl K13.25

I think you have found a quite serious bug.

I was able to reproduce this on a 5406 (in a test enviroment) on K.13.25 and also got a 97% cpu usage.

I tried a number of workarounds, like:

show telnet
kill 2 (the session I used to start the "no arp")

or to remove the ip address from the vlan where the ARP cache was, and also to enable/disable ip-routing, but all with no result.

A reboot did solve it, but that is of course not an acceptable solution.

This should be reported to HP as soon as possible, although I do not know personaly how to do this?
Raphaël Jésupret
Occasional Contributor

Re: no arp command crash 5400zl K13.25

I've submited the bug to my local HP support in France. It seems to be a new bug.