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no subnet discovery in PCM+ 2.2.05

W. Bakker
Occasional Visitor

no subnet discovery in PCM+ 2.2.05


I've subnetted our network, each subnet is a seperate VLAN. In PCM+ the only subnet I see is the default VLAN, all other subnets are in the table on the left, but their respective pages only show "A Subnet Map does not exist because, Subnet Discovery has not run [or] the devices in the Subnet may not contain physical links."
I've set up managed subnets in the properties menu with the default gateway per subnet pointing to an IP within it's own network (I've tried also with the DGW pointing to the DGW of the default_VLAN, but that doesn't seem right) and I've checked the LLDP settings in the different switches. These look OK: each switch with more VLAN's has an IP address within each subnet and these IP's are listed as "Management Address" in "show lldp info local-device".

Another issue, which is obviously related, is that I cannot locate IP addresses or MAC addresses from the "node to node path trace" utility in PCM, other than addresses within the default VLAN. The "Port Classification Dialog" however, is showing every IP address and every MAC address in all VLAN's on that particular switch where I choose show port classification.

Any ideas anyone? I'm lost a bit here...

BTW: the PCM server is in the default VLAN