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odd behavior - new 5412zl

Occasional Contributor

odd behavior - new 5412zl


We recently installed a brand new 5412zl to replace a stack of aging switches.

Our current setup is extremely simple, consisting of 10/100 modules and some 10/100/1000. Right now, everything is pretty much default with one Vlan, no routing. All running Layer 2.

It seems like when i connect to the switch to manage it (telnet or ssh) my sessions eventually ends up disconnected, and I can't connect back to switch for 3-4 minutes. Cant ping it either.

I'm running PRTG to monitor the switch and everything also goes offline, only to return 3-4 minutes later.

I'm running firmware K.14.41

Event log is clean. No network problems, mismatches or broadcasts.

any ideas?
Mohammed Faiz
Honored Contributor

Re: odd behavior - new 5412zl


I'm assuming that the switch is still functioning and it's just management access that you're losing?
Is the IP for the switch statically defined or assigned via DHCP?
Occasional Contributor

Re: odd behavior - new 5412zl

correct, switch is still operating but im loosing management access.

switch is static