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Bryan Zabella
Occasional Contributor


We have a ProCurve 2824 switch. Everytime my computer boots, the switch reports errors on the port that only my computer is connected to. After boot up, no errors are reported until I boot the computer again. My computer says the connection is 1.0 gbps and I never have any problems with the network connections (that I know of!).

These same 4 errors are reported everytime I boot up:
excessive late collisions
excessive broadcasts
excessive jabbering
excessive CRC/Alignment errors

I am just looking for someone else's opinion of what might be causing this. I've been thinking that it's probably the network cabling that was installed long before gigabit ethernet was even thought of being possible. But, just wondering if anyone else has run into anything similar.

Thanks for any information!
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: opinions?

hi Bryan
this procurve switch eror reported primary cause bad utp cabling or bad nic.

please you pc test 3meter pachcord connect same port switch and test and you must be look switch log you see same eror then please change your ethernet card

utp cable installation later must be needed professional test
1-wire map test
2-netx test
3-psnext test
4-elfex test
8-return loss
as for me you utp cable under hight crosstalk
effect may be cablejoint or cable way near hight electrical enviroment

good luck