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pass/see traffic on another vlan procurve 2910al

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pass/see traffic on another vlan procurve 2910al

I am trying to make 1 vlan port see traffic on another vlan to get to a NTP server.

I have a 2008 server that has two ethernet adapters in it. 1 points to the "default vlan" which carries 192.x.x.x, and the other points to another created vlan called "iscsi vlan" which carries a 10.x.x.x.

I use the adapter attached to the iscsi vlan to manager our hp/lefthand P4500 clustered sans which live on the issci vlan. The iscsi vlan does not have access to the internet to sync with a NTP server, so I am trying to find a way to get the SAN cluster to access the "default vlan" which has a NTP server on it"

i attempted to create a trunk port on the switch (port#2)that the win2008 server is connected to for the iscsi vlan. Then I added that to a trunk group (TRK2). I then went into the vlan settings for the iscsi vlan and added the "trk2" to that vlan "untagged". Then i went into the "default vlan" and added "trk2" to be "tagged".

The results: basically I was still able to manage my SAN cluster, but not able to ping/or sync with my NTP server on my default vlan.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong? Do I need to change my ips on the ethernet adapters on my server? do I need to enable someother feature or function when perform the creation of the trunk?

All help is greatly appreciated
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Re: pass/see traffic on another vlan procurve 2910al

I have reposted to clarrify what I need to acomplish. see post above "Help with routing VLANS"
everyones help is appreciated