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password recovery on 3com 4500 switch

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password recovery on 3com 4500 switch

Can someone point me to the steps to reset the password? I have several switches I can not log into because the password has been lost and I need to reset the password. I have tried going in where I skip loading the config, so I know how to default but I need to do it without losing the config. Thanks.


Don Sullivan

Jeff Carrell
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Re: password recovery on 3com 4500 switch

Well, you ask alot...it won't be easy.


I don't have a 4500, but if it is running Comware5, then this procedure should work:


enter the Boot Menu and Select 7 and then Reboot the switch. The switch will restart in a default configuration.


You could then provide VLAN1 an IP address, invoke a 'dir' to see the files stored in flash, tftp d/l your config with the unknown password, edit/create the config file at the "manager" or "admin" user by changing its password to "simple" and assigning "system-view" rights:


 local-user manager
 password simple password
 authorization-attribute level 3
 service-type telnet terminal

tftp u/l the config, verify the startup config file is this "new" file (could have been same name) 'display startup', and then reload switch.