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totaly we have 15 switces in only 5 switces are detecting in pcm.when i discover remaining switces pcm gives me discover is succesfull but i am not able see any of this switces in interconecting devices.what wil be the problem & how to add the all the switces.

pls help me out.
cenk sasmaztin
Honored Contributor

Re: pcm

check pcm version update

last update 2_322_9

please go hp ftp server and download all incomplate update and make manuel update pcm server

please chek switch connection criteria

username ,password,snmp name etc

all switch make update last version

and test

please say me result

Javed Padinhakara
Respected Contributor

Re: pcm


In addition to Cenk's suggesstions, you can try these as well:

a) If you try to discovery one of those devices, does PCM say "Device already discovered..."?

b)Try restarting the PCM client


Re: pcm

thanks cenk's the issue is solved by downloading the latest updates.now all the switches are detecting.
thanks once again.................
Frequent Advisor

Re: pcm

Good Morning all. I would like to know how update pcm. The file is a zip file :
I have to decompress it ?
Where do I have to put it ?


Re: pcm

Hi willi,

There two ways to update the pcm one automatic & other one is manual.

Using the Manual Process to Install

1. Stop the PCM services using the MS Windows Services window, available from the Control Panel.

2. Open the "pcm_2_0_update_1.zip" file and extract the contents of this file to the PNM\server* directory.
When prompted, select (Yes) to overwrite any existing files or folders with the files being extracted.

3. Restart the PCM services.
To verify if the Update has already been installed, look in the Update History window under the PCM Global Preferences
[Tools->Preferences->Automatic Updates->Update History]

chk & reply.

Frequent Advisor

Re: pcm

Thanks Srinivasalu.
But how launch PCM if I stop all services ?