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peer-to-peer with 1000-SX possible?

Ian Dundas
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peer-to-peer with 1000-SX possible?

Our corporate network is 100Mb, but we lack a Gbit backbone. We have to move large amounts of data between two database servers and I was wondering if it is possible to create a 1000-SX "cross-over" connection between the two machines without using a switch. We have a number of Compaq NC6134 cards sitting in the closet here that we somehow aquired and I would like to make use of them. If it is possible, can mulitple cards be used and teamed to combine the bandwidth? Currently, it takes in excess of seven hours to move the data from one server to the other, and I would like to reduce this as much as possible without having to convince the powers that be into buying an expensive switch.


Ian D.

Re: peer-to-peer with 1000-SX possible?

Yes you can do it. You can install a cross fiber. So one is for RX and the other TX.


and link is okay.