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Re: ping times of 5ms

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ping times of 5ms

Hi all,

I have servers in two vlan's, they are connected to a 3400cl-48G switch. This one is connected to a 6400cl-6XG. The 6400 routes packets between both vlans. Pinging from one server in one vlan, to the 3400 switch IP address, or the 6400 switch IP address, is fine 0.4ms ping time. Also pinging the IP address from the other network on the 6400 switch, has the same IP addresses. But when I try to ping from one server in one net, to an other server in the other net, then the ping times raise to more or less constant 5ms. This is the same from both directions.

any hint on how i can find out what the problem must be? I haven't disabled the routing because I need the two vlan's. Anything I can do to debug the problem?

kind regards
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Re: ping times of 5ms

I don't see a problem. 5 ms is well within the expected delays caused by routing from one network to another.

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Re: ping times of 5ms

I would also expect under 1ms, what is the CPU utilisation of the 6400?