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Re: port 95/96?!?

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port 95/96?!?

Hi all - i'm new to the world of HP networking (ive been working almost exclusivly with Cisco up until now)

i'm trying to sort out how HP got port '95' in this log:

I 02/14/11 11:04:34 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 96(VID 0)with peer device
port 0(VID 1)(1050473)

here are the device specs:

Chassis: 5406zl J8697A Serial Number: SG833SU049
Management Module: J8726A Serial Number: ID828AS0SU

Slot Module Description Serial Number
----- ---------------------------------------- --------------
A ProCurve J8707A 4p 10-GbE zl Module SG844AX0FM
B ProCurve J8707A 4p 10-GbE zl Module SG845AX05G
C ProCurve J8706A 24p SFP zl Module SG839BD09X
D ProCurve J8706A 24p SFP zl Module SG839BD027
E ProCurve J8706A 24p SFP zl Module SG833BD082

Software revision : K.14.47
ROM Version : K.12.20

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Re: port 95/96?!?


snmp has a different kind of organization for the ports and port 96 (snmp value) is a port on your d module (d20 or d21 i guess).
you can find out exactly whitch port it is with an snmpwalk..


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Re: port 95/96?!?

just checked it myself and it's d24..


Re: port 95/96?!?

thanks ecker!

while researching i also found how to check the MIB objects from the device itself "walkMIB"
Ibrahim El-Shekeil
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Re: port 95/96?!?

To find the port number use the following cmd:

show lldp info local-device

I have the same issue. I get a lot of these PVID mismatch logs.

All ports that have this mismatch are trunks or trunk/lacp with Cisco blade switches.

On the Cisco side, I allowed only the VLANs that are tagged on the HP on the trunk ports. The VLAN 1 is no untagged on the HP side and not allowed on the Cisco side.

Please let me know if you solved this.

Re: port 95/96?!?

thanks ibrahim! yes that is much easier! :)

btw.. exactly the same problem with the trunk ports..

Re: port 95/96?!?

Re: lldp: PVID mismatch in the log file.

I have this on a link where the L3 (IP subnet) matches, but the L2 (VLANs) are mismatched

I 05/12/11 23:43:04 00828 lldp: PVID mismatch on port 24(VID 201)with peer device port 23(VID 30)(307)

In this case the local VLAN ID is 201, and the remote VLAN ID is 30.

The following command at each end will stop the messages appearing in the log:

no lldp config dot1TlvEnable port-vlan-id

Re: port 95/96?!?

Thanks - that's what I ended up doing.. :)