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pro curve 2626 HP switches manageable


pro curve 2626 HP switches manageable

Are pro curve HP switches manageable???

Isn’t there some sort of Management software to help find all pro curve switches on your network and identify their ips…

And to think some one pays me to manage the network..
rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: pro curve 2626 HP switches manageable

Yes, a non-trivial subset of the ProCurve switches are managed - if if has a console port it is a managed switch. If there is not a console port, it is either an unmanaged or a "web-managed" switch.

http://www.hp.com/go/procurve is a good starting point - both to find if a given model of switch is managed, and I believe to find available management software.
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Richard Jordan
Regular Advisor

Re: pro curve 2626 HP switches manageable

The 2626 is manageable, both using a CLI and web front end. Its not as capable as newer switches (it does VLANs and Layer 3, but fairly limited). I think you can download the Procurve Manager software freely from the HP site:


It also has a serial port but we've never used the one on ours (both 2626 and 2650 units).