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pro curve j2626

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pro curve j2626

I want 3 vlans totaly not visable to each other.
I have one firewall.
I wont to let the 3 vlans connect to the internet trough the fire wall.
the vlans, this going ok.But the cannot see the firewall

-port 1,2 default vlan(, this is connected to the firewall lan port is also in the pro curve the configured gateway
-port 4,5 is vlan1
the desktop connected to port 4 has and gateway
the desktop can see the, but after that it can not see anything(connect)
Carsten M
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Re: pro curve j2626

Hi ron!
Did I understand that correctly?
(1) VLAN "Default": port 1,2 with
(2) VLAN "1": port 4,5 with

The VLAN- ID of the "Default"- VLAN is always 1,so that your VLAN 1 (Port 4,5 )another ID gotten must.

Your Desktop can see the becouse both are in the same vlan (1)configured.

Go into the menu area of your switch (#menu ) and start with the creation of your 3 vlans.
Then you can assign the ports to the vlans

Give firewall ip as gateway for your PC.
In this case your vlans on the SWITCH not need a IP address.
And you are finished.

To Management of your switch you can get one of your vlans a ip address, but not the gateway address of your pc.