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problem scli, snmp, switch 1800-24g.

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problem scli, snmp, switch 1800-24g.

I am using scli with many switch (procurve and others) to get a list of the forwarding database, it work fine with all, but procurve 1800.

With the 1800-24 I didn't get a complete list, because of an incompatible mib, I guess.

Now I am looking for another way to get from
my 1800-24g a list of the mac-addresses and
the port where they are.

Any info about the oids to query?
Thanks, bye.

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Re: problem scli, snmp, switch 1800-24g.

for 1800-24g
The SNMP functionality is read-only and is used by ProCurve Manager to discover and map the device. SNMP cannot be used to configure the switch or send SNMP traps to a trap receiver.


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Re: problem scli, snmp, switch 1800-24g.

The default SNMP community name for the ProCurve Switch 1800 series is "public".

The 1800 is a Web managed switch.

What it does:

* You can configure features through a Web interface
* You can assign an IP address
* You can set the system name if you desire so that the switches' name and information will appear when you use PCM or an SNMP based management agent (such as a MIB browser) to discover the switch.
* You can discover and map the device using PCM.
* And you can launch a single 1800's Web UI through PCM. This provides a centralized way to "get to" the 1800s (rather than typing the IP address into your browser).

What it doesn't do:

* No support for SNMP (this would make it "fully managed" by industry definitions)
* No console port
* No CLI or menu based configuration (Web UI is the ONLY way to configure the switch)
* No device configuration through PCM (except to launch an individual 1800's Web UI as described above)
* No PCM+ or IDM

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Re: problem scli, snmp, switch 1800-24g.

The 1800 supports up to 8000 mac-addresses, however it will only show up to 128 via the SNMP OID: dot1dTpFdbPort

SNMP on the 1800 is only really supported for basic discovery by ProCurve Manager. If you need full SNMP support you should look at the 2810.