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problem with 4108gl

Ted Delay
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problem with 4108gl

The Status Screen on the web browser just quit showing errors. I know there are errors on it because the little warning light at the top is flashing. How do i get the errors to show back up in on the status tab?
Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: problem with 4108gl


First of all, makd sure you're running the latest firmware. You can download the latest FW from http://www.hp.com/rnd/software/switches.htm

After the FW update I'd suggest that if you are not using LACP trunks, then disable it from all ports. Commands are:

con t
int all
no lacp
write mem

You can also check the errors if you take a telnet connection to the switch, go to main menu (command: menu) and choose option ... 4, if I remember correctly.