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procurve 1800 series and 2*1gbit trunk

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procurve 1800 series and 2*1gbit trunk


i have 2 procurve 1800 series switches in different rooms and i would like to make a 2 gbits link between them using 2 ports of each switch.

i configured the ports to use LACP (7/8 on the 1800-8G and 23/24 on the 1800-24G). On each switch, i see the local ports, partner ports and aggregated link. All information displayed by the web interface seem correct but my network becomes very slow like a broadcast storm because of a loop.

could someone tell me what i did wrong? is it possible to do what i'm trying to do?

software version is last one on both switches.

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Re: procurve 1800 series and 2*1gbit trunk

i reply to myself.

i think i was using a broken cable... with a new cable on port 7->23, it works well.