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procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

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procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

I have a setup with a 2424m that have 2 vlans and a bridge between them, what accours is that i get a packetloss from 30% to 70%.

My setup is as follows:
vlan 1 consists of port 1, 7 and 8.
vlan 2 consists of the rest.
(None of these vlans are the default 1)

I have my internet connection on port 1, and on port 7 i have my bridge (transparent firewall running linux) wich is connected to the other vlan.

internet > vlan1 > bridge > vlan2 = packetloss

Everything works like a charm if i do like this:
internet > another switch > bridge > vlan2
so it shouldn't be the bridge making the fuss.

stp not enabled, no trunking.

Any ideas?
Bill Costigan
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Re: procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

What do the port counters look like on ports connected to the bridge? Do you have a full/half duplex mis-configuration on either of these ports?
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Re: procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

Thanks for your reply.

port counters look normal. no Errors Rx, no Drops Tx.

I tried every setting possible concearning half/full duplex.

The internet is distributed from another procurve with 10baseT-FD, and that is what Port status on my switch is indicating, I tried setting that port and every other port connected to the bridge to 10baseT-FD including the 2 ports on the bridge, that had no effect.

Noticed today that if I replace what was mentioned above as vlan2 (my dmz) with another switch I end up with no packetloss
In other words:
internet > vlan1 > bridge > anotherswitch

It really feels like I am stumbling in the dark.

Ron Kinner
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Re: procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

what version of code are you running on the switch?

Do the losses appear to be related to a certain packet size? i.e. do small packets go through fine but packets above a certain size tend to have losses?

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Re: procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

I'm running the latest version of software I could find.
C.09.22, ROM C.06.01

I played around with diffrent sized icmp-packets and it doesnt seem to make any difference.
all though I have seen some improvement down to *only* 20% packetloss but I haven't yet found the reason to that, seems to random.

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Re: procurve 2424 vlan and bridge

dit you check if the 2224 got one unique mac@ table for all his vlans of one for each ?. If he has one unique table he can't decide if a computer is one one side or on the other side of the bridge. The same probleme occured with intel 460T switches. Try to use a 2824 if possible.