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procurve 2510 J9019B

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procurve 2510 J9019B


I've got a few procurve 2510 24 port switches out in production. In the last week. I've had a few that will have the port connected to a fast ethernet connection on a cisco router disable. Both switches are running #Q.11.17 for firmware. All lights continue to flash on the switch for activity. The port connected to the cisco may or may not flash. The config will not show the port as disabled, but if I do a show int bri I can see that the port is disabled. Going into the config and trying to enable/disable the port did not re-enable it. I was not smart enough to grab the logs before bouncing the switches either time so I'm not sure if there's anything in there. Pulling the power cord on the switch and letting it boot up again fixed the issue. Has anyone else seen this or know what might be causing it?

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Re: procurve 2510 J9019B

First, I would update all the switches to the latest firmware release.
Second, I will disconnect the cable from the HP to the switch if not in use. Also, sh int BRI ??? What kind of port did you connect to the switch?