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procurve 2524 unknown error message on log buffer

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Fabio Bellini_2
Occasional Visitor

procurve 2524 unknown error message on log buffer

Anyone have idea about the meaning of the following error message I found in the buffer log os several hp procurve 2524 firmware version 5.17 ?
W 04/13/04 14:53:33 FFI: port 16-High collision or drop rate.

Note: The error message has been logged for all the port 1 to 24 whitin just 1 second.

In the mean time all user connected to the switch expirieced network poor connectione, excessive network latecy/delay comparing to normal working condition.

I looked for error message guide but I didn't find anything neither on the web nor the manual o kb.

Thank a lot.
Best regards, Fabio
Ralph Bean_2
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Re: procurve 2524 unknown error message on log buffer

Hello Fabio -

The Help screen for the menu Event Log has this:

"High collision or drop rate
Description: A large number of collisions or packet drops have occurred
on the port.
Possible Causes: An extremely high level of traffic on this port,
half/full duplex mismatch, a misconfigured or malfunctioning NIC or
transceiver on a device connected to this port, or a topology loop
in the network.
1. Use a network monitoring device or application to determine the
traffic levels on the affected segment. If needed, consider
subdividing that segment with switches or bridges, or moving
high-traffic devices to their own switch ports.
2. Check the directly-connected device for mismatches in half/full
duplex operation (half duplex on the switch and full duplex on the
connected device).
3. Check for a misconfigured NIC or transceiver (such as a transceiver
configured for "loopback test" or "SQE test").
4. Verify that there are no topology loops in your network. If not
enabled, you may also enable spanning tree - see the Switch
Configuration menu."

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Re: procurve 2524 unknown error message on log buffer


Version F.05.22 of the firmware for HP2524 is available, to replace F.05.17.