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procurve 2650

Occasional Contributor

procurve 2650

I have a procurve 2650 with H.07.02 and I want to update it to H.10.38. I want to know if it is necesary to update to some intermadiate version beefor to update to H.10.38?

Thank for your responses
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: procurve 2650

Yes, you do need to go to H.08.98 first. (Even though it doesn't specify H.07.02 in the below warning I would do it just in case given the age of it).


Caution: Intermediate Software Update Required

(ProCurve Switches 2626/J4900A and 2650/J4899A) When updating from Software versions H.07.31, H.07.32 or H.07.40 to H.08.100 or later, you must first update and boot the switch using the version H.08.98. Otherwise, the update will fail.