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procurve switch


procurve switch

i have HP servers with HP procurve 2626 switch

i have subnet of

my network has POS machines, and Office LAN PC's

i want to seprate POS and LAN PC's, meaning POS machines there is no possiblity to access LAN PC's

now i have run a cable from HP switch to all POS machines

from the swtich how can i configure that POS machines don have access to any other LAN PC's
Mohamed Hamedi
Respected Contributor

Re: procurve switch

Just stick all your POS machines on a different VLAN.
Trusted Contributor

Re: procurve switch

You can stick the POS Machines in a sepearate VLAN indeed but do not set an IP Address on that VLAN. As soon as you put an IP Address on a VLAN and assuming that IP Routing is enabled, VLAN 1 can talk to VLAN 2 and vice versa. Then you would need ACLs to restrict which are not available on the 26XX Switches.
ProCurve Networking Engineer