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procurve switches 4104/4108 and lacp

dave peckham
Occasional Visitor

procurve switches 4104/4108 and lacp

Procurve 4104/4108 switches have LACP turned on by default.

We (at WSU) have observed that video conferencing Polycom units can be interrupted and/or result in a very poor level of service when connected to a 4104/4108. Turning off LACP seems to have resolved our video conferencing problems. NOTE: 4104/4108 & Macintosh related problems have already been addressed in this forum and have been attributed to LACP being turned on...

The 4104/4108 procurve logs show LACP turning ON and OFF ports on our 4104/4108 switches throughout the course of a day. When LACP is turned off, some CRC type of errors are intermittantly still observed (which are usually resolved when port and NIC are setup to agree...).

We are planning on turning off LACP on ALL HP equipment at our university. We are interested if others have experienced the same troubles with LACP.