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proliant dl380 G6 teaming and jumbo frames

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proliant dl380 G6 teaming and jumbo frames


We have 2 proliant dl380 G6 servers connect to storageworks p4300 via two seperate switches. (cisco)

On both servers I teamed 2 nic's to connect to the storage. Connected nic 1 to switch 1 and nic 2 to switch 2.

I also configured jumbo frames on the teaming interface. To test jumbo frames I ping from teaming interface 1 on server 1 to server 2 (so via the switches). The result is:

ping "server1" -f -l 8000
"packet needs to be fragmented but DF set"

If I don't use teaming and then ping with the above command everything is OK.

Questions that I have:
1) Is it best practice to use teaming and
jumbo frames to connect to iscsi storage?
2) What can be the problem with the jumbo frames not working over the teaming interfaces?

Thx in advance,