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question about trunking

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Ben Hardman
Occasional Contributor

question about trunking

I have a question about trunking. I have a Procurve 4108(commander in stack) that has 2-1gig trunks to a 4104, and then 3 trunks each are 2-1gig to 3-4000M's. What is the best way to set up the trunking as far as FEC, TRUNK, or LCAP, when the 4000M's don't have the same settings? Also would you recomend flow controll and where?
Simon Templar
Occasional Advisor

Re: question about trunking

Use TRUNK = HP Trunking which is almost always your best choice when interconnecting HP switches to each other. 4000M supports HP Trunking.

LACP = IEEE standard to trunk between swtiches. Primarily used to interconnect switches from different vendors. Best practice is to disable LACP on all switch ports if not used. NO INT ALL LACP.

FEC = Fast Ether Channel - Cisco proprietary trunking method which HP licenses from them. Mostly used to connect legacy Cisco devices to ProCurve gear.

No flow control recommended. Some NICs support it but theres little use for it anymore.
Stuart Teo
Trusted Contributor

Re: question about trunking


The 4000m supports TRUNK & FEC.

The 4100gl supports TRUNK, FEC and LACP.

The common set is TRUNK & FEC. Using either one of these should work just fine. IMHO, flow control is really optional.
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