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questions about sflow

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Occasional Contributor

questions about sflow

hi all ,

i'd like to know did sflow effect the network performance as i know it take areal samples for traffic .

i'm using pcm 3.1 plus nd i enable sflow on 8206zl nd for 2610 sflow enable via snmp command nd pcm do that automatic so sflow slow down the network performance nd what should i do to slove this .

thank best regards
Tore Valberg
Trusted Contributor

Re: questions about sflow


Sflow only takes small samples of the actual traffic, and it should not affect youur overall performance.

However, you can also disable traffic sampling within PCM if needed.



Re: questions about sflow

The overhead of enabling sFlow should be insignificant, provided that you choose a suitable sampling rate:

Enabling sFlow should improve performance, helping to identify and eliminate unwanted traffic.

sFlow is an open standard and there a number of sFlow analyzers available. sFlowTrend is a free, graphical tool that provides a simple way to get started with sFlow:

A full list of sFlow analyzers is available on
jake wilson
Occasional Visitor

Re: questions about sflow


Make sure you export both the packet samples as well as the interface counters as the reporting tool can't accurately display traffic volumes.

Becareful of your sample rate, sflow can send 1-6 or more packet samples in a single udp datagram but, too high a sample rate will swamp the network and the collector receiving the samples.

please check out Scrutinizer for sflow analysis.