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"Emergency" in log

Regular Advisor

"Emergency" in log

Never seen this one before; anyone seen it? 2626 switch running H.10.38.

20:02 Emergency system: Re-try/contact your local HP Customer Care Center.
20:02 Emergency system: New ROM size if greater than flash ROM size.
20:02 Emergency system: BootROM upgrade not executed.
20:02 Debug SNTP: client enabled
20:02 Informational lldp: LLDP - enabled
20:02 Informational cdp: CDP enabled
20:02 Informational system: System Booted.
20:02 Debug tftp: TFTP deamon enabled
20:02 Informational tftp: Enable succeeded
20:02 Informational stack: Stack Protocol disabled
20:02 Informational udpf: DHCP relay agent feature enabled
20:02 Debug ip: entity enabled
20:02 Debug dhcp: entity enabled
20:02 Informational system: System went down without saving crash information
20:02 Informational system: --------------------------------------------------

Switch has been up and running for some time, and booted several times.
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: "Emergency" in log


Did you try recently to upgrade the firmware? is it a major update that requires a boot rom update ?

Try to run: show flash

and if you have a n older version in the secondary rom, then try to boot on the secondary : switch#boot system flash secondary

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
Regular Advisor

Re: "Emergency" in log


I did not try and upgrade it's firmware.
Michael Joyner EWC
Occasional Visitor

Re: "Emergency" in log

The only time I have seen this is when trying to upgrade and skipping to many versions.

Do a show flash.