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reg:acl help


reg:acl help


As per our discussion held with u regarding hp 3500yl switch config i am facing a small problem between VLANS 10,20,30,40
my problem is vlan 10 is unable to accesses other vlans 20,30,40and viseversa

So I am attaching my existing config plz go through that and plz do the needfull to me.



Re: reg:acl help

If I am not mistaken, the ip-default gateway turns off the routing? Take that command out and set a default route to
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Re: reg:acl help

the acl's are blocking access from net 10 to 20,30,40, and from 20,30,40 to 10...therefore your problem...

in fact, all 4 vlans are blocked from each other in those acl's...

also, the comment about the 'ip default-gateway' command, if a switch is initially configured as layer2 and you then add the 'ip routing' command to make it a layer3 switch/router, the 'ip default-gateway' command basically goes to a non-function state...it's still there, but not used at all...


Re: reg:acl help

You know, when I looked initially I thought the ACL's were blocking each other. I didn't say anything because I thought that was what he wanted. That's what I do to block people in one building from getting to the other.