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restrict routing on vlans with 54xx

restrict routing on vlans with 54xx

Hello to you experts out there.

I have VLANs setup and working in as much as I have my VOIP phones on one vlan and everything else on another. I will be eventually splitting up workstations from network devices and servers and then each of my branches will be on it's own vlan as well so IP routing (which is enabled right now) is working great for pinging/communicating with machines on other VLANs.

Now we get to my problem. I want to set up a few VLANs that are not routed. I want them restricted and anything on them not to be able to see anything else on the network but my DHCP server and one other server. How would I go about configuring routing to NOT route anything from these VLANs to the other VLANs?


Re: restrict routing on vlans with 54xx

Nevermind... found my answer in ACLs.