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route/gateway issue

David Davis_12
Occasional Contributor

route/gateway issue

I have a Nortel 1100 contivity box connected to my network with an IP address of that's in one of my vlans. It connected to vlan 40. The IP address/router of vlan 40 is Now, if I manually enter an IP address and Subnet mask and default gateway; ex: GW, I can see and ping the remote network on the other end of the Nortel box. However, I can't see or ping anything other than devices on the network. If I try and add another GW < >in the Advanced TCP/IP properties on the nic I still can't see outside the network. If I put the GW as first then I can see beyond the network but not anything on the remote netowrk behind the Nortel box. So, having both GW's on the nic doesn't work out. Is there anyway I can make a change on my 5304xl switch so vlan 40 would have two GWs? IE: and I have even tried two nics with static address and the different GWs. I can't seem to see either network when I tried that. I have ip routing enabled and used so all vlans can get to the firewall.
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Re: route/gateway issue

I'm sure understanding the rela environment so I try to describe with my words.
You have a Nortel 1000 (I guess it's a switch). This switch is connected to a router with IP address and net mask
First dubt what is the network on the other side of router? You posted as first network and as second network. Do I understand?
If yes how you can set 24 bit of net mask? You have a network address conflict.
And yes, you cannot declare a second gateway. Any host in network has merely two choices:
1) send socket to another host in network (with arp protocol)
2) send socket to its gateway/router. It's a router job sending socket to right network.

So please,
post furrthermore information, mainly the two network addresses and net mask.

Antonio Vigliotti
Antonio Maria Vigliotti
Steven Chan_9
Frequent Advisor

Re: route/gateway issue

Hi Davis,

If your Nortel 1100 contivity is used for a VPN connection, the default GW of your Nortel box should point to the GW of Internet, right? and has static route to the other end of Nortel box, right?

Do you setup other static route on your Nortel box of all your subnets back to your internal router or L3 switch on your end?

On the other hand, the router or switch which IP address is, should has a static route to the remote end of Nortel box pointed to

You you setup those static route correctly, no matter which GW your PC set, will be routed correctly.

Steven Chan