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routin with win2003


routin with win2003

2626 switch the followin config

vlan 1
untagged 1-26
ip address dhcp-bootp
vlan 2
name "ADMIN"
ip address
vlan 3
name "POS"
ip address
ip address

i am using windows 2003 as a router for the time, ip is

clients gateway will be cannot talk with cannot talk with

anyone can tell how can i do that?
Thomas Bianco
Honored Contributor

Re: routin with win2003

if i read this correctly, you've got 3 VLANs, all attached to all 26 ports, with a Windows box as your router.

clients on can get to any other subnets, but clients on the other 2 cannot get anywhere.

if this is correct, the cause is the fact that your default router is not on the same IP subnet. you have to do the binary math, but in short, the default gateway is the host to forward packets to in the event no other rules match. it must be on the same subnet as the client, so the client can talk to it without consulting the routing table.

easiest fix, add ip aliases for,, and to the network card on the 2003 server.

check out
for a solid discussion of ip addressing and routing
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