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routing vlan

stefano marcotulli
Occasional Contributor

routing vlan

Hi, sorry for my bad english language.
I want to realize a configuration with 2 Vlans. I try this config
(port 1-8 untagged)
default gateway:
(port 9-26 untagged)
default gateway:
The default gateway procurve 2626 is
I must connect a host (printer toshiba e studio 450 no 802.1Q)at present shared only by the client of the vlan 0 also to those of the vlan 1. His ip gw:
Have tried to insert a static route with the command "ip route" on the gw of the vlan1 (gateway vlan1).
How can I to share this host correctly also on other lan2 ?
Advancely thanking you, I say hello.
Stefano Marcotulli
Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: routing vlan

Hi Stefano

What you need to have multiple Gateways is a Policy Based Routing which is not available in the 2600 series.

To do your setup, we have many ways, some easy and some complex.

The most easy way is:

You have 2 Vlans on the switch, if you simply turn on the Routing, you don't need anything but in this case you can't have different Gateways for each Vlan.

But if you kept your switch as L2 device, then you have to do your work on the PIX firewalls and do the routing between 2 Vlans on the Pix.

There you add the static route.

Good Luck !!!
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