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sFlow MIB error message

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sFlow MIB error message

I receive notifications in PCM+ that read "Unable to access the sFlow MIB on segment (switch ip address) (port number) to perform traffic data collection via sampling."

I have seen this error referred to before, but in this case PCM+ is making reference to ports that don't exist, eg. to port C1 in a 5304xl switch which has two modules and are therefore limited to ports A1..B24.

I have tried deleting/rediscovering devices to no avail and the configs seem fine. Thanks for any ideas.

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Hector Manzo

Re: sFlow MIB error message


What version and auto update release are you running of PCM? There was some cleanup work done in Auto Update release 9 of PCM 2.1 that could fix this.

Could you provide more details on what you are seeing. Would also like to know some history on this device. Was the IP address of the 5304 at one time assigned to another 5300 that did have a blade in slot C?

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Re: sFlow MIB error message

Hi Hector,

Thank you for the response. It's PCM+ 2.1 update 9. These switches are in a static environment and have been since day 1, so it's not a memory issue.

What I was seeing was an error message generated about every five minutes that said:

"Unable to access the sFlow MIB on segment 'a.b.c.d_port_C19' to perform traffic data collection via sampling. Please verify that the device port has not been configured as a monitor port or had its configuration otherwise modified. It may be necessary to delete device '' from the discovered ProCurve Manager Plus topology and rediscover it to avoid recurrences of this notification."

It would report this on a number of switches (where a.b.c.d is the IP address of the switch). In each case, the port Cxx would relate to a module that was not present.

I say "was" because with no changes applied by me, the messages stopped appearing a week ago and haven't come up again since. Spooky.
Damn Flanders!