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sFlow and 2848 switch

Greg Krzeszkowski
Occasional Contributor

sFlow and 2848 switch


I've been searching forums, google etc for some idea of what I need to do to enable sFlow on 2848 switches. I'm using a product called Scrutinizer that analyses sFlow/netFlow data and would like it to analyse my switches. An help would be appreciated.
Frequent Advisor

Re: sFlow and 2848 switch

you can check other issue.

whatever you use HP PCM+ or other sflow collector software you can see the flow about source and destination ip address pairs.

for my personal, i use the SflowTrend to collect the sflow sample.
you can download the software from below website, it's free.


i hope it's helpful.

ray ma
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: sFlow and 2848 switch

Hi Greg,

This looks like an interesting product with some potential.

Currently it looks as though you need to enable sFlow manually to use it with this product.

Other applications such as PCM+ and InMon Traffic Sentinal do this for you automatically.

With the new 5400/3500's you can configure sFlow via the CLI - with everything else you need to do this via SNMP.

When using SNMP, InMon have a bash script that you can use to help simplify this - sflowenable - http://www.inmon.com/technology/sflowenable

I also came across this which may be of some interest to you:


Hope this helps, let us know you go with this and don't forget to assign points to any responses you receive.
Regnar Bang Lyngsø_2
Frequent Advisor

Re: sFlow and 2848 switch

I have been using the sflowenable script and ntop on HP5308XLs


For some strange reason ntop did not show the correct information with sflow. I am using sflowtool to convert the sflow from the switch to netflow.