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sFlow bug in K 13.45

Alexey Kramnyuk
Occasional Contributor

sFlow bug in K 13.45

After update firmware on 3500yl-24G from K12.25 to K13.45, sFlow agent became collect statistics only for incoming traffic.
Config piece:
sflow 1 destination
sflow 1 polling 1 60
sflow 1 sampling 1 50

3500yl-24G # sh sflow 1 destination
Destination Instance : 1
sflow : Enabled
Datagrams Sent : 1948
Destination Address :
Receiver Port : 6343
Owner : Administrator, CLI-Owned, Instance 1
Timeout (seconds) : 2147482194
Max Datagram Size : 1400
Datagram Version Support : 5

As a collector used set of sflowtool => flow-capture => flowscan.
Any solution?
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: sFlow bug in K 13.45

With K.11.64 it included this fix:

sFlow/Flow-Control (PR_1000375851) â To protect performance if Flow-Control is
enabled on any one or more ports , egress sFlow sampling will be disabled on all ports and
a CLI/Event Log message will be generated.

Do you have flow control enabled on any of your ports? I'm running K.12.57 at the moment and I am definitely only getting ingress sampling. I'm considering disabling flow control on this switch (was done before I arrived here) as I believe that flow-control typically causes more problems than it solves.

If it was working both ingress/egress with K.12.25, possibly they reintroduced the bug and it was fixed again somewhere between there at K.12.57 and remains that way up to the newer K.13.45. You may need to check with HP support to verify.
Michael A Patterson
Occasional Visitor

Re: sFlow bug in K 13.45

Hi Alexey,

We work with sFlow quite a bit. It can be a bugger to setup on the older HP Gear. Some additional help can be found here:

For sFlow collection consider the free version of Scrutinizer: