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sFlow use w/o PCM

Occasional Advisor

sFlow use w/o PCM

I would like to enable/configure sFlow on some of my switches w/o using PCM. I've tried the bash script inmon.com provided, but no luck. I can mannually set it up on the switch but who has time for that! Not sure if HP reads these but COME ON!!! So if anyone has a script written in something other than bash or a better method than using CLI on all 250 switches I'd be greatfull.

And to HP !!SHAME ON YOU!!
Matt Hobbs
Honored Contributor

Re: sFlow use w/o PCM

With the newer switches (5400/3500) there is a CLI option to easily configure sFlow.

With the older switches, (5300/3400/2800/etc), you can configure it via the CLI by using the 'setmib' commands which is effectively setting it via SNMP.

The InMon bash script also sets it via SNMP:
(which works fine for me).

So with any ProCurve switch you can set it via the CLI which in turn means it can be configured via a script to do multiple switches at once. With PCM+ you could use the CLI Wizard do to this. Alternatively you can write your own script to do this.

I don't understand what you want from HP in this instance as the issue does not appear to be one specific to sFlow or to HP for that matter - for example if you wanted to configure SNTP on multiple switches at once you'd need to go through the same thing.

It sounds to me that you want a free and easy way to configure anything on multiple switches at once?

PCM+ CLI Wizard is perfect for this, it's not free but you do get a 30-day trial. For 250 switches it would be well worth the investment.