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server access failure on a ProCurve Switch 4108GL

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server access failure on a ProCurve Switch 4108GL

Dear All


i'm using a  ProCurve Switch 4108GL for internal network of my cluster. Recently i try to update my version of OS (Rocks 6.0) and face a problem with the node instalation:


The node could get this IP with PXe protocol, but at the moment to download the kickstart from the server, i detect an access failure as the link with the server can not be established.

The advise me the problem is because of the time to the spanning tree to be established. I read in the documentation that if it occurs, i should put the port as "fast"  (Ref: Spanning Tree Options: RSTP (802.1w) and STP (802.1d)). The problem is that the switch is configured with RSTP, that suppose to be fast.

Can someone help me in the issue?


Best regards